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  • “KUDIKKUNNA VELLATHILUM VENAM VISHWASAM” thank you AQUAFRESH CAPITA for the excellent service rendered. It’s a fantastic water dispenser with hot n cold water and there is a fridge compartment too!! We can keep juice packs and other related to be refrigerated stuff inside. It’s a good looking and silent machine I would recommend everyone to have in their office whole heartedly thanking you

    Dr. Mohamed Abdulla
    Teeth Specialist Dental Clinic.

  • I have been living at Kochi from the year 2012 but when I met AQUAFRESH CAPITA’s officials by Oct of 2017 only, I realized the necessity of water purifier at home. The water normally we consume in a city like Kochi, contains many abnormal elements and harmful micro organism. With the insight given by ACQUARESH CAPITA, I started using his water purifier and I started experiencing the difference in the quality of water I highly recommended his products. Thank you.

    Amarnath Sankarbr
    Cat Entertinment Pvt Ltd

  • Pure drinking water is the lifeline for all. AQUAFRESH CAPITA has undertaken the responsibility of providing purity in drinking in water. I have ordered a water purifier on the day of meeting AQUAFRESH CAPITA’s officials and by evening the system was installed at our house by the very same evening with well trained technician the system is functioning well our family’s health has considerably increased the use of the pure water. Thank you AQUAFRESH CAPITA and wish you all the best in yours noble endeavor.

    George Thomas
    Universal Systems Corporation

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The importance of pure and safe drinking water for a healthy existence cannot be overemphasized. Established in 2004, AquaFresh Capita brings you grade one water purifiers and water treatment equipment that enhances the purity and cleanliness of water. Through our ongoing research and development programs, we are committed to bringing you best in class household, commercial and industrial water purifying and treatment systems, water treatment systems and other water treatment components.

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